Greig Woodring, a Member of the Longer Life Board of Governors, to be Inducted into the Insurance Hall of Fame


The International Insurance Society (IIS) announced today that A. Greig Woodring, retired president and CEO of Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (RGA), will be inducted to the Insurance Hall of Fame in recognition of his lifetime contributions.

The Longer Life Foundation was the brainchild of Woodring, and past RGA board member Dr. William A. Peck, then Dean of Washington University School of Medicine and Executive Vice Chancellor for Medical Affairs. The idea of creating and funding a not-for-profit foundation that would partner an academic institution with the insurance industry was novel at the time and continues to pursue a unique mission today by funding and freely sharing independent research on longevity and wellness. Since LLF's founding in 1998, US$6.4 million has been granted to support more than 100 groundbreaking research projects.  Learn more